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Sustainable Earth House in Palestine

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Marin To March Against Chemtrails


When: Sunday August 25th 2013

Time: 12PM Sharp - 2PM 

Where: Golden Gate Bridge Vista Parking Area on the east side of the bridge -- the side we're allowed to march on -- parking is free on the west side of the bridge as you approach GG bridge from Marin.

Handouts: Volunteers needed to pass out informational flyers in parking lot.

Signs: No sticks allowed. Home made signs welcome. Bring an extra sign if you have one.

Carpooling: Please RSVP with carpooling needs. Meetup @ OLD Good Earth parking lot at 11AM. Mill Valley Meetup @ Sunrise Center, 645 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera- 11:00-check there to see if anyone needs a ride.

Clothing: Please WEAR BLUE symbolic of our naturally beautiful blue sky. Bring water, sunscreen, long pants and long sleeves, hat and sunglasses. 




Thursday, July 25, 2013

"☮We Are Peace☮"


SHOUT OUT your passions
with music, art, ???...
or design & networking
Let's Build!!!


...The Environment
Clean Air
Clean Water
Renewable Energy
Animal Rights
Social Justice...

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Pass The Peace!!! cuz...

"☮We Are Peace☮"


Peace is...

Peace is clean air, water, and earth. 

Peace is the absence of war. 

Peace is sustainable and loving.

Peace is unity; Community.

Peace is every child healthy, happy, loved and fed. 

Peace is sharing.

Peace is caring. 

Peace is loving and respectful of all.
Peace is omnipotent harmonious love

Let Your Peace Shine,
Peace TankCoop
"We Are Peace" 

Monday, July 22, 2013

We Are the Peace We Seek

Sometimes, we look outside ourselves for love, for God, for tranquility. We search endlessly only to find that Peace is right here inside of every one of us. We listen to others for clues of where to find wholeness; When all the while we did not have to go far at all. We are ultimate peace.

Let Peace Shine,
☮☮☮ Peace Tank Coop ☮☮☮


Mass Media Mold Our Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious Minds BUT the Evolution of Consciousness Will Not Be Televised. The Revolution Will Be Live!

Those of us deprogramming will not be televised. NBC, ABC, and CBS will not broadcast deconstruction topics of divestment, anti-fracking, and ecocide...